Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our online study guides and practice exams will help you pass your test or boards that CareerQuiz is offering all of its members:

Full reimbursement of your membership fee if for whatever reason you do not pass your test or board after successfully completing our study course and practice exams. **

"That is how sure we are that our study programs work"


Test results that do not clearly specify Pass or Fail will be scored on a 70% passing mark.  Memberships once refunded are no longer valid.  A new membership is required to access a different study program.

CareerQuizInc.com reserves the right to omit, change or edit this guarantee agreement at anytime without advance notice to its members. CareerQuizInc.com also reserves the right to accept or deny any of its members a refund based on our final decision that proof of failure or a document which we feel has been forged or doctored in any way.


Moneyback Terms & Conditions

** One time reimbursement of membership.  Member agrees to mail in, or e-mail a copy of his or her test result from an official city, county, or state agency within 60 days of receiving his or her test score. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee does not apply to the failing of any or all of OUR (CareerQuiz) practice exams or quizzes.  Only an actual exam or test  administered by an official city, county or state agency.  (this includes nursing boards, medical boards & financial institutions).


Requesting a Refund is Easy

Please send us an e-mail at refunds@careerquizinc.com to request a refund under our 100% Moneyback Guarantee.  This refund only applies to the terms specified above.  Once a member has logged into their specific member's area NO refunds will be given unless they meet the requirements above. 

Note: We have thousands of members using multiple types of computers and operating systems.  Members who for technical reasons are unable to access their member's area will still be permitted to request a refund once verification by a system administrator has confirmed that the member could not access their study program. Please send us an e-mail to info@careerquizinc.com if you cannot access your member's area.  We can usually resolve the issue quickly, but if we cannot, a full refund will be granted.